the lab

We are building a creative laboratory for new ideas

Our Approach
At Lyndon Design Lab, we build visual concepts based on three pillars: research, collaboration and innovation. We dig deep into our customers’ markets and leverage team members’ individual strengths to present fresh ideas that deliver results.


what we do

Lyndon Studio is a Chicago-based firm with roots in the consumer product industry and a growing reach. Like our design-savvy clients, we prefer quality over quantity, which allows us to give you the attention your projects deserve.


what we do

First, our team establishes a thorough understanding of your business—where you are today, where you want to go, and what’s standing in your way. With a strategy in place, we then activate our design lab, a group of young, fearless designers who aren’t shy about pushing the envelope.

Branding + Identity

Every brand’s identity is centered on core visuals. From your logo, packaging, to your website and stationery, we ensure consistency of your business image across all forms of communications.

Print + Packaging

Despite the prevalence of interactive media, print remains a core piece of your brand’s identity. We ensure all pieces of print retain that style and consistency that have come to define your brand.

Website + Digital

We apply our experience to deliver your message across multiple forms of interactive media. From mobile responsive website to engaging animations, we make sure to provide a lasting impression.

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